Do You Have 5 Minutes?

Ok.Ok. The question about how much time you have is getting old. But I decided to run with it. I was directed to a site that is new to me today. The site goes by the name of World-Shaker, and the focus is mainly on social media and education. The link is here.

What caught my attention above all of the other great content, is the section called “My Favorite Teacher.” I can easily answer the question, “Who was your favorite teacher?” and it only took me about 5 minutes to write the following description of him to submit it to World-Shaker and add to the growing collection of essays about great educators. I think you should take the time as well.

My favorite teacher in all my years of learning has been Dr. Rodgers. He was my Botany teacher at the University of North Texas circa 1988 (yes, I’m old). He began the year welcoming us to Dr. Rodgers’ neighborhood, and continued the theme when he would pass around his daily “guests” (plants that decided to “visit” us during our lecture.

As the “guests” were passed from hand to hand, Dr. Rodgers would share fascinating details (I’m not being sarcastic, here). The good doctor would tell why this particular plant or that particular plant was a vital part of our ecosystem, how it had been used by humans through the ages, and what uses for the plant might surface in the future.

I learned something profound from every lecture. In fact, Dr. Rodgers had a way of making me feel like the lecture hall full of many people was really a family room where important discussions were had. I wonder if any of his former students feel the way that I do about his teaching style, and how it changed the way I approached my craft as an educator.

Thanks to Dr. Rodgers for making a difference!