Personal Note-Taking


If you are like me, your short-term memory fades with each day. Should I be worried? Anyway, I have found a solution for this. I take notes.

My problem with traditional note-taking is that I lose the paper the notes are on, or I get flustered with the amount of notes through which I have to sift just to find the tidbit I seek. Enter digital notes.

I have been using what is called Evernote since March of this year, although I admittedly have not used it enough to praise its abilities or criticize its shortcomings. So I turned to Google to find out more about the program.

Most blogs I read seemed to echo the same thing; Evernote is too clunky. Simplenote is, well, simpler.

I also read a blog post that speaks to the possibilities of both worlds. Basically, Simplenote allows you to send each note you take to an email address, and Evernote gives you a free email address when you sign up. What this means is that you can automatically send each note you type in Simplenote to Evernote. This is a handy feature for those who like the simplicity of Simplenote, and the organization methods of Evernote.

I have been trying this feature today to see if I like it. I’ll let you know. I will say that what I like about taking digital notes is that they are searchable, they sync up with the server when I get online if I add notes while offline, and you can add tags to each note to help with the search feature. I already think I am sold on the idea!

Now the burning question arises…How do we use this in instruction? Glad you asked. I am mulling over that thought as I type. Can I get back to you on that?

I encourage you to try both of these alternatives, and let me know what you think.