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I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I am so glad to be working with you this year, and that I look forward to a great school year.


For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Instructional Technology Specialist assigned to your campus. I will be serving both Bush Middle School and Reagan High School this year.


So What is an ITS?


My main job is to help teachers integrate technology into the curriculum, although there are many other duties on my to do list from day-to-day. I am available to plan lessons with you or for you, and model or co-teach the lesson. One of the many benefits I have seen over the years as I have integrated technology into my classroom is that of student engagement. I have witnessed some amazing benefits when I have included technology in my lessons. I hope you will see those same benefits this year.


The Model I Try to Follow


  • Meet with the teacher to plan a lesson
  • Co-teach or model teach the lesson
  • Reflect with the teacher regarding strengths and weaknesses of the lesson
  • Follow-up with any needed support


Don’t Hesitate to Contact Me


Please feel free to contact me to enlist my help for tech integration. There are so many great tools at our disposal, and I would love to help you use them in your classroom or in the lab. Here is a list of some things we can use to build a lesson:


  • iPads
  • Alphasmarts and Neos
  • SMART boards and slates
  • Document cameras
  • Web 2.0


There are certainly more options than what I’ve listed, but that’s a good start. Contact me so we can partner together on some lessons.